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What are my client’s options for caregiver respite?

The Caregiver Respite Program offers a range of respite options to help caregivers get some much-needed relief from their caregiving responsibilities. A Respite Advisor will be happy to help you identify the respite option that would best meet your client’s needs.

Temporary in-home care

  • Temporary in-home services delivered to the care recipient by trained staff
  • Caregiver relief hours available to be used as needed

Short stay out-of-home care

  • A temporary say for the care recipient in an alternate environment
  • Stilled staff to provide care in the absense of the caregiver

Daytime out-of-home care

  • Regularly scheduled structured day program in the community in a supervised environment
  • Offers activities that promote wellness, dignity and enhance quality of life
  • Caregiver relief for a few hours

Supervised care in an emergency

  • In case of a family emergency, illness or unexpected absense
  • Caregiver relief for a few hours or days