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Program Testimonials

“It’s a great program. You get your life back for a short period of time. We have more energy.”
- Joe Mele, caregiver for mom

“Caregiver ReCharge is great because how I use the hours is on my terms. I can use them when I need them.”
- Adriano and Maria Torresan, caregivers for mom

“I feel like I’m leaving my mom in the care of a family member, because I know the staff will take as good care of my mom as I would.”
- Sharon D’Costa, caregiver for mom

“Mom gets a break from us because we’re always in care mode. When she is with the staff, she reads the newspaper, does crossword puzzles – and enjoys the company.”
- Aurobindo Das, caregiver for mom

“Without Caregiver ReCharge, I don’t know how I’d function. I’m so exhausted. They go above and beyond for both me and my mother.”
- Carolyn Mastrotucci , caregiver for her mom, Norma

“This program is lifesaving. For a few hours in a day, I can step back, take a breath and enjoy a cup of tea. Now I see what I’ve been missing.”
- Carol Lacroix, caregiver for her mom, Joyce

“This program is invaluable. I don’t think I would have gotten this far without it. It’s lifesaving.”
- Mickie Searle, caregiver for her husband, Phillip

“Looking after someone with Alzheimer’s is very challenging and tiring. Having access to both in-home respite and an adult day program has been an awesome combination. It gives me an excellent break and keeps me from becoming the patient.”
- Jacqui Foster, caregiver for mom, Winifred

In Home Respite Testimonials

“We’ve been married 50 years. I love him and don’t want him to go into a home. That’s why programs like this are important. It gives me the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strength to deal with him when he has his bad days.”

- Laraine Goodban, caregiver for her husband, Gordon

“When I take respite, I go to my own appointments, do the grocery shopping, go to the bank to pay bills. I am grateful to have this program so that I can do the things I need to do.”

- Rosina Anderson, caregiver for her husband, James

“When you have someone who is disabled, you don’t have the option of stopping to do something, but when the staff is here, I don’t have to worry if I need to go out shopping or do some work.”

- Deanna Henderson, caregiver for her son, Brandon

Adult Day Program Respite Testimonials

“I love to play scrabble, board games, card games – it shows you how much you can do – and I can play them all!”

- Wanda Niejadlik, participant in Adult Day Program

“It’s very helpful. You feel like you’re doing something. I enjoy the camaraderie and the people.”

- Brenda Stuart, participant in Adult Day Program